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 Our History

      Pioneering a church has been Ptr. Ludy’s desire. She started praying for this pioneering ministry since 2002. With Sis. Gina Suarez’ help, they invited people to attend Bible Studies at Ptr. Ludy’s place.

      Then, Word & Life Bible studies started one Saturday of September 2005. Ten people were in attendance at the initial Bible Study. After few months, they started worship services at the said place.

       On January 29, 2006 the official worship service started at Barbary Frum Library at 20 Covington Road. Friends from Brampton and Mississauga and some Christian workers helped in the Praise and Worship like Ptr. Boni Tagadtad who was Ptr. Ludy’s classmate at Bethel Bible College in the Philippines. There are also who help in Ushering, Computer work, Instruments, P.A. system, Prayer, Follow-up, and Evangelism..

      And we are continuously serving our Lord Jesus Christ! May GOD's presence be on our path and bless us always!
                                             Word & Life Team

 Our Vision

  • Reach out to our community

  • Strives to win souls to the lordship of Jesus

  • Effectively teach and disciple converts

  • Have a calling and gift-oriented ministry

  • Operate in a Spirit-filled worship

  • Plant churches locally and to the outer  most

 Our Mission

  • We are dedicated to the mission of winning the lost to the saving power of our Lord Jesus Christteach, and

  • Properly disciple them, to let people experience God in our worship, and

  • Express the unconditional love, acceptance, and forgiveness of God to the people.

 Our Logo

Ptr. Ludy approached Bro. Rudy Reyes to make the Word & Life logo. And the outcome was the exact concept of the said ministry.

      Word & Life? Jesus is the Word and in Him, there's the life He promised to His children - the life to the fullest.

      The green open book is the Bible - the living Word of God; the yellow rainbow represents the covenant of the Lord to His people forever and the glorious life of Christians; the dove is the Holy Spirit, and the cross symbolizes the life, death, and resurrection of our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ.

Word & Life Team

 What's up @ Word & Life?

      We are moving into a new address! Call us (647) 426-1512
     Pastor Boni Tagadtad is back in Toronto from the Philippines! For anyone who is  wondering about Ptr. Boni, he's been committed helping Word & Life Christian Assembly for a period of time now.
      He's got talents you know? Not only pastoring but playing guitar, piano, drums, singing, and recording worship songs Tagalog and English in CD's!
      If you would like to find out more, please e-mail us pastorboni@wordandlife.ca

He's one of the great blessings that we're very happy to have Pastor Boni - may God bless you always!                              Word & Life Team

 What we Believe?

  1. The Bible is inspired

  2. One true God

  3. The Lord Jesus Christ is fully God

  4. The Fall of Mankind

  5. The Salvation of Mankind

  6. The Ordinances of the Church

  7. The Baptism in Holy Spirit

  8. The Initial Physical Evidence of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

  9. Sanctification

  10. The Church and it's Mission

  11. The Ministry

  12. Divine Healing

  13. The Blessed Hope

  14. The Millennial Reign of Christ

  15. The Final Judgment

 Join Us?

Word and Life is going to hold a water baptism on September 1, 2008. If you would like to be baptised, please attend the pre-baptism seminar at Pastora's place a week before the water baptism!

      If you would like to join or help us, please      feel free to contact us, using one of the following ways:

       by phone: (647) 426-1512
             email: rev.ludy@wordandlife.ca

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